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13 November 2019The Seine - RIVER OF LIGHT - Home to Impressionism
14 November 2018Feisty Ladies - Women Travellers in Victorian Times
14 February 2018Klimt and the Vienna Secession
08 November 2017From Moore to Kapoor: the changing face of post-war public sculpture
08 February 2017British & American Artists in Venice 1815 to Present
09 November 2016Inessential Necessities in 18th Century England
10 February 2016Lawrence of Arabia: excavating a legend
11 November 2015History of Jewellery
11 February 2015The Turner Prize Explained
12 November 2014Mackintosh and the Glasgow Four
12 February 2014The Drama behind the Taj Mahal, Mughal painting at its Zenith. King George III, Patron of the Arts.
13 November 2013History of the Medici: Bankrolling the Renaissance
13 February 2013New Discoveries about Old Oak Furniture
14 November 2012Sculpture in the Twentieth Century
08 February 2012Charles Dickens and the London of his Times
09 November 2011Secrets of the Royal Pavilion
10 November 2010Mozart’s Magic Flute
10 February 2010Antwerp & Bruges – Flemish Painting
11 November 2009Frederick Lord Leighton
11 February 2009Wine Related Antiques
12 November 2008Old Father Thames – The River in Art
13 February 2008Private Palaces – London’s Stately Homes
14 November 2007Kingdom of the Sun – Classical Sicily

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The Seine - RIVER OF LIGHT - Home to Impressionism Carole Petipher Wednesday 13 November 2019

Carole Petipher has worked as a guide/ lecturer in and around Paris using converted barges as her base. She has in depth knowledge of the Seine river having worked on a number of vessels along its course; hence the inspiration for this series of lectures.

This wonderful river in France, often referred to as the River of Light, was a great influence on the 19th century artists and the development of Impressionism. From the luminescent estuary which first attracted them, to the area west of Paris which became known as the Cradle of Impressionism they came to seek inspiration. This series of three lectures follows the course of the river and the exploits along it and will aim to uncover new revelations!

Lecture 1  The Seine Estuary  - Capturing the 19th century imagination

The ever changing sky and sparkling Seine estuary where sky, sea and earth seem to fuse, attracted  19th artists, writers and musicians. Through the guidance of the “Master of the Skies,” painter Eugene Boudin, Monet took his first ever painting lesson in the open air here. A new way of approaching art was opened up resulting in Impressionism. This lecture will look at the host of artists who flocked to the picturesque harbour of Honfleur and its surroundings to capture, in Baudelaire’s words “this green and rose vastness which goes to my head like an intoxicating drink”.

Lecture 2  Belle Epoque Paris and the Cradle of Impressionism to the West

In this second lecture we first look at the Capital which Haussmann had revitalised into one of the most elegant and outwardly prosperous cities in Europe, and then look at the context in which the artists worked. “The Modern Age”!  From there we move onto a tiny loop of the Seine nicknamed the cradle of Impressionism where our artists struggled to make a living and gain recognition; a far cry from the universal popularity they have today.

Lecture 3  The Path to Success  - collectively or independently

In this the last  lecture I want to explore how our artists came to terms with a radically changed and depressed art market and economy following the Franco Prussian War and how they continued nevertheless to grow their careers in art. They gradually started to drift away from each other often following the course of the Seine to pastures new, sometimes even a tributary of the Seine in search of that ever special motif.