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12 February 2020Cornish Artists
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Cornish Artists Catherine Wallace Wednesday 12 February 2020

Featuring Newlyn and Lamorna artista 1880-1940

1.      Session One: Fame for the Newlyn School 1880 – 190 AtHome and Abroad. Theearly work of Stanhope Forbes culminated in his painting ‘Fish Sale on aCornish Beach’ of 1886, which brought attention from the critics for the groupof artists associated with Newlyn in Cornwall. Other Newlyn artists such asFrank Bramley achieved fame with his dramatic scene ‘A Hopeless Dawn’ 1888.Whilst, Elizabeth Forbes one of the women artists, achieved great acclaim forher depictions of children. H.S. Tuke, T.C. Gotch and F. Bramley also becamefamous not only in the UK but in Australia and New Zealand. This lecture looksat the true extent of the Newlyn School’s fame at the time. 


2.    Session Two.  The Forbes School of Painting 1899 - 1939 In its forty year existence over 200 artists wentthrough the doors of the Forbes School in Newlyn. They were taught by StanhopeForbes, whose own style and approach to painting was to influence his teachingalong with his wives Elizabeth and then Maud Forbes. This lecture looks atForbes’ work and that of some of his students, some came from as far as NewZealand for the experience, some were to become well know such as Dod andErnest Procter and many of them were some


3.      Session Three: Love,Art and Tragedy –Close encounters in a Cornish Art colony . The setting is a remote Cornish valley called Lamorna; the time, theearly 1900s, the characters include Alfred Munnings, his young wife FlorenceCarter-Wood, Laura and Harold Knight, Ella and Charles Naper, Captain Evans andLamorna Birch. They all become very close and in the melting pot of creativity,a tragedy occurs. This talk looks at the art that was being created by theseartists and the story behind the tragedy.