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22 January 2020William Hogarth - His life, times and work
27 November 2019Merrily on High A History of Christmas Carols
23 October 2019Art of Food Through the Ages
11 September 2019Arsenic and Old Wallpaper - The Darker side of William Morris
26 June 2019Sir Winston Churchill the Artist
22 May 2019Cracking Glass. The British Big Four
24 April 2019Tiffany & Co of Diamonds, Decadence and Travel
27 March 2019Shaken by an Earthquake - Igor Stravinsky, The Ballets Russes and the astonishing 1913 premier of the Rite of Spring.
27 February 2019Origins: Cave Paintings to the Greeks
23 January 2019Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
28 November 2018Programme change -"The Astonishing Master Mozart comes to London"
24 October 2018Optical Entertainments before the Movies
12 September 2018Monet at Giverny
27 June 2018Foreigners in London 1520 - 1677 The Artists that Changed the Course of British Art
23 May 2018The Honourable East India Company East-West Trade 1600 to 1800 Chinese Export and Chinoiserie
25 April 2018Lady Butler, Battle Artist Painter of "Scotland Forever"
28 March 2018Wren's City of London Churches
28 February 2018Hidden Canvases Street Art and The City
24 January 2018Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys The World of 18th Century Porcelain Figures
22 November 2017O, Yes it is! History of Pantomime from Ancient to Modern Times
25 October 2017Partnership in Planting. A Lutyens house in a Jekyll garden
13 September 2017Secret Art in the Passport How we use it to fox the forger
28 June 2017England's Golden Age of Cabinet Making
24 May 201750th Anniversary Celebration Lunch Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
26 April 2017Brilliant British Humour The Forgotten Art of the Picture Postcard (1909 - 1939)
08 March 2017Fabergé: Life and Work of the World's Greatest Goldsmith
22 February 2017Maria Sibylla Merian (1647 - 1717) Artist, Scientist and Adventurer
25 January 2017Samuel Pepys: His Life, Times and Diary
23 November 2016The Punch and Judy Show
26 October 2016Grinling Gibbons, Carver to the Crown
14 September 2016Who Says? Can we trust the expert on good and bad in art?
22 June 2016The Genius of Antonio Stradivari
25 May 2016"Art in the Garden of God" A new look at 17th century Dutch painting
27 April 2016Legend and Lustre: Jim Thompson and Thai Silk
23 March 2016Beneath the City Streets - London's Unseen History
24 February 2016Constable's Great Landscapes: The Materials and Techniques of Constable’s exhibited oils of the 1820s - 30s
27 January 2016The Founder and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
25 November 2015The Inventors of Christmas
28 October 2015Happy and Glorious A Thousand Years of English Coronations
09 September 2015Wedgwood, Catherine the Great and the Frog Service
24 June 2015AGM The Colston Hall at 12 noon
24 June 2015Illuminated Manuscripts of the Anglo Saxon Period
27 May 2015The Rise and Fall of the English Music Hall
22 April 2015Lost Titanic-The Story of the Great Omar Binding
25 March 2015Three Great Families and their Gardens. The Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville Wests
25 February 2015Dresden Today Art and Architecture
28 January 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars Marking the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, 1815
26 November 2014The History of Stained Glass seen through the Christmas Story
22 October 2014The Artist as Reporter: British Artists and the First World War
10 September 2014The Dollar Princesses
25 June 2014Glittering Prizes: Part 1 The Mosaics of Ravenna
28 May 2014Turner and his Travels through Europe
23 April 2014A Royal Rescue: Dumfries House Saved and Revealed
26 March 2014The Cult of the South Pacific: From Cook to Gaugin
26 February 2014Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical Form with Function
22 January 2014From Russia: Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes 1909 - 1929
27 November 2013Harps, the Instrument of Kings and Gentlemen
23 October 2013G F Watts and the Watts Gallery
11 September 2013Art, Fish and Sail
26 June 2013The Scottish Colourists: Style and Sophisitication from the Jazz Age
22 May 2013Bottocelli's Florence
24 April 2013The Pier Head Painters of the 18th and 19th Centuries
27 March 2013The Golden Age of Spanish Painting 1560-1660
27 February 2013St Pancras and Friends, a Journey through London Stations
23 January 2013The Genius of Rene Lalique - Jewellery and Glass
28 November 2012Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion - The History of Magic through Art and Pictures
24 October 2012Jan Steen's Hilarious Households - A 17th Century Paradox
12 September 2012The Great Twelve - Senior Livery Companies of London
27 June 2012The Great Age of the Poster
23 May 2012Life and Times of the Sundial
25 April 2012Norman Rockwell – Great Artist or Mere Illustrator?
28 March 2012Verdi and Victoria – National Icons
22 February 2012Men Behaving Badly: Rakes & Rogues- on and off the canvas
25 January 2012Verdi’s La Traviata: A very Italian Affair
23 November 2011Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh - Why those Gifts
26 October 2011Sale of the Century: The Collection of Charles I – its acquisition, sale and dispersal
07 September 2011Lee Miller & Roland Penrose at Farley Farm
22 June 2011The Not-So-Still Lives of Ben Nicholson
25 May 2011Gustav Klimt – Fin de Siecle Sensualist
27 April 2011On Cupboards and in Drawers
23 March 2011From Riches to Rags : The Huguenots of Spitalfields
23 February 2011Love and Loss:The Story of Orpheus and Euridice in art and music
26 January 2011Women as Painters from the 16th to the 20th Century
24 November 2010We Three Kings: music, art, legends and poetry inspired by the magi
27 October 2010Poets, Painters and Private Lives in Venice - Artists in 19th Century Venice
22 September 2010Gems from Life - from Amber to Ivory

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William Hogarth - His life, times and work Andrew Davies Wednesday 22 January 2020

Mr Andrew Davies 

Extra-Mural Tutor for London, Essex and The Open University; Author of 9 books, including The East End Nobody Knows; frequent contributor to radio and television; has lectured all over the world; organises walks to complement his lectures. 

From Pepys' Diary (1660-1669) which covers Restoration, Plague and Fire to Hogarth's 'Rake's Progress', 'Gin Lane' and 'Marriage a la Mode' - what an incomparable panorama of a bustling and always changing city. We will explore the lives, friends, family and work of both men, very different but alike in their fascination with London.